Announcement! [Translation Projects]

Hello, it’s me K! I’m just a random passerby with a nature of rotten fujoshi at heart doing this and that. As you all knows, it’s been a while since my last update of SWSL, and some of you probably aware that I’ve been updating SBD instead even though it’s under the FUTURE PROJECT label. So, that’s why I want to tell you guys that I would put SWSL on-hold for the time being and labeled it as a SIDE PROJECT, and put SBD as a ON-GOING PROJECT. It’s not that I want to abandoned SWSL permanently, I just need some flavor in my work, and will pick it up once I’m done with other story.

🐾 Thank you for your understanding and sorry for SWSL readers! I’m grateful that you guys are willing to read my crappy MTLs! 🐾

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